Technological Innovations and Brand Performance

Jawhara Cherradi


The forces of competition and the ever changing needs of the customers are a big threat of performance of the firms. In Morocco for instance, some of the leading have been marred with poor performance. Against this background, the present study sought to establish the relationship between technological innovations and organizational performance of Moroccan brands. The specific objectives of the study were to: establish the technological innovation practices among Moroccan brands and their effect on organizational performance as well as analyze the risks presented by technological innovations among Moroccan brands and their effect on organizational performance. The study adopted descriptive survey research design that was quantitative in nature. This study targeted 53 high technology brands with operations in Rabat, Morocco. The selection of these firms was done purposively with some of the criteria being firms that had been operation for at least 15 years with well established, independent and functional IT departments. Thus, purposive sampling was adopted in this study to select these firms. Information was obtained in its primary form using the questionnaire and the analysis was through percentages, means correlation and regression analysis. It was observed that the highly adopted aspect of technological innovation in the studied firm was technological knowledge management (M=4.01) followed by information sharing (M=3.86), incremental technological innovation (M=3.84), information technology infrastructure (M=3.75) and radical technological innovation (M=3.72). Technological innovations presented a number of risks to Moroccan brands which data breach (M=3.89) followed by data privacy (M=3.79), reputational risk (M=3.78), operational risks (M=3.78) and lastly cyber security risk (M=3.73). The study recommends that risk managers working in Moroccan brands should review and enhance on the existing risk management frameworks so as to effectively manage the risks that are occasioned by technological innovations. The ICT managers working in Moroccan brands should constantly enhance and review the existing technologies to permit and allow innovation. The policy makers working in the government in Morocco should enact sound rules and regulation to guide the adoption of new technologies among the firms so as to permit innovation for superior organizational performance.


Technological Innovation, Organizational Performance, Technology Brands

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