An Evaluation of the Use of Public Relations in Politics in the Context of Social Media

Nesibe Çeker


: In this study, the historical adventure of public relations and the definition of public relations will be briefly mentioned. In fact, public relations which have existed since the first period when people lived together in collective form, gained a special name in the last century and started to be seen as a separate function. Researches and experiences show that public relations has a big and important place in today's modern life. In the following part of the study, it will be emphasized the interdisciplinary feature of public relations, and then it will be tried to be examined especially with respect to politics and political science. Public relations, by nature, is associated with many disciplines. Advertising, marketing, public administration and similar fields have organic relations with public relations. Public relations, which has emerged in almost every part of daily life and has started to show its effect in all areas of life, also has an effect on daily political activities. Individuals or communities that are actively involved in politics use the techniques and methods of continuous public relations, even if they are not aware of it. In the last part of the study, it will be mentioned how actors in political life can use the public relations function effectively by using new media tools. Persons or institutions that want to be successful in politics must benefit from social media and social media supported public relations activities accordingly.


Public Relations, Politics, Social Media, Internet, Advertising

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